User Profiles

To enable user profiles, you simply need to add the following shortcode to a page:


As a second, recommended step, you should choose this page from the dropdown on the Recipes > Settings > User Engagement tab. At the top of that section you will see an option to select the "User Profile Page". Choose the page you created above.

When viewing this page, you will see the currently logged in user's avatar, name and the profile navigation. These include:

  • My Recipes: A list of your recipes.
  • My Favorites: A list of the recipes that you have "favorited" by clicking the heart icon.
  • Edit Profile: Displays a form for you to edit your profile settings.
  • Log Out: Sign you out and returns you to the sign in screen.

NOTE: If you are viewing the profile of someone else (not your own), you will only see their "My Recipes" page. However, if you are logged in as an Administrator, you will also see the "Edit Profile (admin)" navigation item.

There is one navigation item not mentioned above, which is the "Submit Recipe" form. You can enable this from the Recipes > Settings > User Engagement tab and read more about it here: