Recipe Submissions

To enable recipe submission, head over to the Recipes > Settings > User Engagement tab. Check the "Enable User Recipe Submission" option and you will see a few more options show up. These include:

  • Pending Mode: Enabling this will require that all new recipe submissions as well as recipe edits go into a "Pending" state for an Administrator or Editor to view and confirm. They can then manually remove the pending status and the recipe is public again.
  • Draft Mode: This allows the recipe submission user to put any of their recipes into a "Draft Mode", which means they are not public anymore. Administrators and Editors can still view these, but the general public cannot. A great way for your users to edit recipes and then take them out of draft mode when they're ready.
  • User Recipe Deletion: This simply adds the ability for users to delete their own recipes. When this happens, the recipes are deleted completely (not just moved to trash), so keep this in mind when enabling.
  • Included & Required Fields: Choose which fields you would like to include and require on the recipe submission form. The title, ingredients, directions are always included & required.

After choosing your settings, you can now view the User Profile you created and you will see the new navigation item called "Add a Recipe". Click that to view the submission form.

Alternatively, you can use this shortcode anywhere to display the submission form: